Questions and Answers

How do I book Stephen for an event?

Get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page!

How did you become a singer/entertainer?

I’ve been singing since I was 15 years old – starting as a backing singer in my uncle’s band, singing covers. Since then I’ve been in many bands, writing and singing both original and cover songs.

I was ‘hand-picked’ to be a backing singer for the Cliff Richard Access All Areas Tour, where I developed my confidence in working with large audiences. This prepared me for a solo career which I’ve been doing for the last 20+ years.

I sing all around the world for various Corporate, Charity and private events.

What is your act?

I sing songs from all eras and all types of music. I’m learning new songs all the time because I tailor my act to the event and to what suits the client. I like to get the audience going. Because I get many repeat bookings I like to keep my act ‘fresh’ and include new things; although I still get requests for some of the old favourites from great artists like Matt Monroe, Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole.

No matter what kind of event it is, whether it’s a large formal event like the Police Federation Ball or Mayoral Ball, an award ceremony for a group of companies or small intimate dinner party, 99% of the time I can get even the most unlikely people on the dance floor enjoying themselves. I’m blessed to be in a job that I love so much and I think that’s also part of why I can get the party started, because I love what I do.

What sets your act apart?

I’m not just a singer, I’m an entertainer; I mingle into the audience and wander around the tables singing ballads as people dine.   If I see someone singing along I might put the mic in front of them so they can sing a line! As I said before, every performance is tailored to the individual event because what’s appropriate for one might not be for another. I think after 20 years I’ve got the balance right and know what people want – this is why all my events are through word of mouth. I’m very lucky!

A great compliment I was given was from a lady at a Corporate Event in the States, she asked me where I learned to sing AND dance! She thought I was a trained dancer. Dancing is part of my act, it’s not rehearsed it’s just as the mood takes me and the audience likes that.

What kind of corporate events do you perform at?

Award Ceremonies, product launches, Thank you’s for a clients’ custom, Company Anniversaries, Conferences… whatever they ask me to do really.

Do you perform regularly for corporate clients and, if so, who are they?

I do the BMW product launches which is usually a lunch time event with a big press launch, the last one was when the new BMW 5 series saloon came out.

I have performed at The Specsavers Ball for several years now which is always a lively event.

Bentley Cars events as a ‘thank you’ to their regular customers.

Also, Durex and Scholl shoes (which are the same company believe it or not!), they have an annual conference abroad with people from every nationality, that’s a splendid affair.

What has been your most memorable event that you have performed at?

I did a charity event for a children’s charity and managed to get Gary Neville, Martin Bayfield and Michael Vaughan to sing a song with me which went down really well and got a lot of laughs.

Have you performed for any celebrities?

The most recent celebrity event was Jennifer Ellison’s sons Christening and Wedding party which was featured in OK magazine.

Other celebrities are Andrew Flintoff (we went to the same school), Mick Hucknall, Liverpool Football Club, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hanson, The Sugar Babes, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Bobby Davro, Lucy Meacock, Darren Day, Kenny Lynch, Gwen Dickie, Dina Carol…

I don’t usually like to mention the celebrities I’ve worked with because I treat all my clients the same, I give them all 100%.

What do you have planned for the future?

To do more corporate events around the country and globally.