Saturday night was the evening of our annual Christmas party and our Directors have the reputation of putting on a good do.

In past years we have been to Lapland, Salzburg, London on the Orient Express and Edinburgh.

This year we went to Chester and we were all glad to be closer to home, yet a little unsure of what to expect.

We all arrived under our own steam and met up for our pre-dinner champagne reception, still we didn’t quite know what was planned for the evening ahead.

In we went for dinner and enjoyed a nice meal and then it all unfolded, the stage was set the lights went down and the music started and boy did it start, Stephen made a rather discreet yet fantastic entrance to the room and then stayed with us for the rest of the night.

The show he put on for us was fantastic; the variation of songs all delivered in his own specific style was absolutely fantastic.

Well done Stephen everyone without exception thoroughly enjoyed the show and of course some of the ladies could not resist you.

Personally I have not stopped singing your praises, so as soon as the opportunity arises we will be back in your audience again to enjoy more, plus as my wife has a special birthday coming up next year, I know who I will be looking to book.

Thanks for a great night and best wishes for the future.

Fleet Services Manager